As it is known, in all cases of movement of goods there is always the risk of damage from loss, destruction, theft, sinking, collision, overturning and other forms of damage, but can be provided with insurance coverage. Something that in recent years has begun to become a necessary condition for the transport and by an additional service, has become an inseparable part of the transport itself.

Despite the false impression that insurance increases the cost of transport, in fact the percentage of insurance is negligible, in front of the coverage it provides. Our company believes that the insurance coverage gives a reliability to the transport and ensures the smooth conduct of compensation, without problems and delays, in case of damage. Because we can never be sure, it is better to be safe, this is our philosophy and for this reason we as a company have our civil liability covered to third parties (to our customers) and we recommend this to our own customers. Easily and inexpensively, we can take care of your insurance contract with reliable insurance organizations that are guaranteed to provide insurance coverage for any type of transport.