The port of Piraeus is the largest in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, with four terminals. The first is the passenger, which receives ships and boats from Crete, the Aegean Sea, and the Argo-Saronic Gulf, as well as cruise ships from other countries such as Cyprus and Israel. The second is the terminal for cars and other vehicles. The third is the commercial terminal, in which merchant ships transport goods from and to Piraeus. It has a capacity of 900,000 square meters and has two piers while there is a third under construction. The fourth is the load terminal which has a capacity of 180,000 square meters and an annual load of 25,000,000 tons.


The port of Thessaloniki is one of the largest Greek ports and one of the largest ports in the Aegean basin with a total annual traffic capacity of 16 million tons (7 million tons of dry load and 9 million tons of liquid load). As a free port, it serves as an important gateway to the interior of Balkan and Southeastern Europe.
Cruise ships approach the port of Thessaloniki mainly during the summer months.[1] Even in the summer months, Thessaloniki is connected by coastal vessels to the Sporades, the Cyclades and Crete.[2]
The port of Thessaloniki also contains the second largest container port in Greece, after the port of Piraeus.


Limassol has two ports, known as the “Old” and “New” Port. The New Port of Limassol handles the largest number of passengers and goods. It is eleven meters deep and 1,300 meters long, thus being able to serve up to eleven ships at a time. Today, Limassol has become the largest shipping management center in Europe, with more than 60 shipping companies having offices in the city, and due to the favorable tax system of Cyprus.
Cyprus currently has the tenth largest fleet in the world. Projects for the new marina have already been completed and the inauguration took place in June 2014. The marina can accommodate up to a thousand boats.

Weekly departures :

Piraeus – Limassol & vice versa
Thessaloniki – Limassol & vice versa
Volos – Limassol via Thessaloniki
Heraklion – Limassol via Piraeus